Audit firms in Abu Dhabi

What is Auditing

Auditing is a verification process by examining an individuals or organizations financial statements or records to ensure the accuracy and compliance of applicable rules, laws and regulations.

External auditors come from the audit firms in Abu Dhabi into the organization to examine and analyze accounting and financial records and provide better opinions based on those datas. And our law compels all public companies need to be externally audited from any of the audit firms in UAE.

Audit firms in Abu Dhabi

Different Types of Audit

Mainly there are three types of audits, they are Product audit, Process audit and System audit.

Product Audit : Product audit is the process of examination of a individual product or service(processed material, hardware, software) to evaluate whether it comply with rules, standards, or laws.

Process Audit: Process audit is the verification process that work within a established limits. It evaluates an method or operation which which are against a predetermined set of instructions and standards to evaluate the compliance with those standards and the instructions. These audits may:

  • Check compliance to predefined requirements such as pressure, accuracy, temperature, composition, amperage, responsiveness and component mixture.
  • Evaluate the sources(peoples, materials, equipment) used to get the outputs
  • Check the acceptability and ¬†efficacy of the process controls instituted by procedures.

System Audit: System audit is the process of an audit conducted on a management system. A quality system audit asses an existing program to govern its compliance to company commitments, regulatory requirements and  policies.

Audit Services in UAE

As a leading internal audit consulting firms in Dubai and Abu Dhabi Pivot international accounting solutions provide accurate and quality accounting and audit services in Abu Dhabi and across UAE. Here ends your search for the best audit firms in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Contact experienced auditors in Abu Dhabi to avail the best audit service for you and your business firm and take a rest from all those headaches. Also Pivot offer cost effective accounting and bookeeping services in Abu Dhabi and

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